Amber's Nightsky

This is my little Twingo Initiale build in 2002. It has everything a Twingo owner’s heart can desire:
Air conditioning, CD-changer, very broad tires (for a Twingo) and alloy rims, a sunroof, 16V (75 PS = about 184 km/h top), leather seats and a little fluffy sheep called “Vagabond” as companion. :)

My poor, small Twingo was hit so badly during a hailstorm on 03.07.2009 that it looked like a great golf ball (300 dents on such a small car)! Unfortunately, the repair was not worthwhile and so I decided reluctantly to give it away and to buy another second-hand car. Fortunately my insurance made the whole thing not so bad by paying a lot for the damage!
Just click here to see my new car "Red Pearl"!