Red Pearl

This is my “new” car, called “Red Pearl” which I own since August 2009 because a hailstorm damaged my old, beloved car so badly (300 hits on such a small car – it looked like an golf ball), that I had to replace it by another one.
2009 you could get a lot of money from our government if you replaced your really old car by a new one (new up to one year old) and so everyone bought new, small cars and it was very difficult to lay hands on a young second-hand car.
However, I had fallen in love with the Suzuki Swift at this point and I wanted it to be red!! So the search was quite difficult!! A good way to search was the internet, where you can find so many different second-hand car markets and there I found it! My new car! Nearly one year old and it looked like a really good offer! My Troll was summoned immediately and then we drove to Cologne (approx. 100 km from our home) for a test drive. The decision was made very fast and now it is mine!!But she still looked so naked, so a fancy design was required, after some searching and planning it was finally decided! A nice advertising man has done the work for me, because some parts were tricky to stick on and I needed help. Afterwards he was very enthusiastic about the result, too! :)