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The clothing , dagger and jewellery

Corsage, glove and hair-bands:

Colour page
  • Ground the corsage, glove and hair-bands in Grape,
  • wash two times with an ever growing portion of Black, until the colour is almost completely black.
  • Now mix the basic tint with some Ivory and Barnyard Red to lighten it.
  • Another step with even more Ivory
  • and one with some additional White makes for the Highlights.
  • The corsage's seams are painted with pure Ivory and slightly shadowed with a dark purple (almost black).

The dagger:

colour page
There are no WIP pictures of the dagger since, lying in the shadow, it can hardly be seen at all. Let me just quickly tell you what I did.
The handle was grounded with Ivory and glazed with a thin layer of Rosy Tan, complemented by another glaze into which some Saddle Brown was additionally mixed. The depths were intensified with Chocolate Fudge and Black, distinguishing the handle from the rest. The Highlights were painted with Ivory plus White. The blade is painted in Silver NMM. How it was done I will tell you later, since buckles and jewellery are painted in a similar way.

Slip, bib and boots:

Colour page
Since you can hardly see the slip at all, I sort of “cheated” here, leaving out the Highlights. I only grounded it with Ash and washed it twice with more and more Black added to the basic tint.
Her little bib and the boots are grey with a slight gleam of brown.
  • For this, I grounded the respective parts with Ash
  • and, in three steps, washed the colour until again, the depths had become almost completely black.
  • Those parts that had become too dark were simply lightened with a thin layer of Ash.
  • The Highlights I again accentuated in three, ever lightened layers, adding more and more White to Ash.
  • A glaze of one or two really thin layers of Chocolate Fudge finally covers the Highlights.

Buckles and jewellery:

There is not much NMM on this figure, but since I'm a fan (though not a pro) of this technique, I want to shortly talk about it here. Since the silver parts are quite small here I find it important to clearly distinct between light and dark, so that all the gleaming and glowing stands out a lot more.
  • For this reason, I mixed Grey and Northern Blue to ground the buckles, the jewellery and the dagger's blade.
  • . In two steps the shadows are painted; at first, slightly wash the deeper lying parts, then frame these areas nearly black.
  • The heights I also painted in two steps only: I simply painted very light Highlights to make the whole thing look vivid.
I wouldn’t do more layers on such tiny parts since there is no space for that; afterwards, you don't see it any longer anyway!! If you have larger surfaces, you need to be more precise with the transitions.
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