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Hair, lips and fingernails

The hair:

Colour page
  • For the hair, I mixed Prairie Olive and some Dark Grey, which I applied in three thin layers.
  • I added some Black and painted the shadows.
  • Now that the colour is nearly black, the deepest shadows and the transitions to the other areas are painted once more.
  • Then, the hair is slightly brushed with the basic tint (the colour is removed from the brush almost completely and you gently touch the heights only).
  • Another three layers follow in which more and more White is added, until a very light greenish white constitutes the final Highlight.
  • Touch the heights again with a light glaze of Prairie Olive to make the transitions look a little smoother.

Mouth, eye shadow and nails :

colour page
Mouth, eye shadow and nails are painted the same way the hair is. The only difference is that this time, the basic tint is Prairie Olive only.
  • First you base coat with Prairie Olive, the eye shadow is painted with only one layer of very diluted paint.
  • Now make the shadows with Prairie Olive plus Black,
  • in the following two steps the highlights were painted.
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