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The wings

Colour page
Here, I tried something different. I painted the upper and lower parts in different ways. The wings' lower part was to look brighter, as if it was that of a “good” Faerie.
  • I first grounded the wings with Grey.
  • Upper part: The shadows were made in three steps; a slight wash of Black, followed by a darker wash in the depths and a final layer of black in the darkest parts.
  • Lower part: The parts were washed with Grape in two layers.
  • Upper part: Afterwards, I brushed the wings with Ash,
  • Lower part: The deepest shadows were darkened with Grape and Black.
  • Lower part: Brush everything with Ash
  • Upper part: and carefully touched the heights with a little bit White once more.
  • Upper part: The edge was lightened with White again.
  • Lower part: and lighten with Grey,
  • Upper part: Now comes a glaze of Chocolate Fudge.
  • Lower part: lighten the edge with the resulting colour + White
  • Upper part: The area at the wing's onset is glazed once more to darken the colour more intensely, the edges were painted with a glaze of Olive.
  • Upper part: I lighted the outer edges finally once more with Ash.
  • Lower parts: and paint with a very light glaze of Grape.
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