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This small but mean Faerie was painted for Freebooter. It took me about 12 hours to paint her. There is a photo of almost every single work step to give you a better picture of what was done in each step exactly. In addition to that, you will find a link to a "colour page" that features the original colours used during every single work step.
First I want to show you the palettes that I used during the painting of the faerie.
  • The first palette was used during the painting of the eyes, skin, hair, fingernails, mouth and the corsage,
  • the second palette was used during all of the following steps:
And now: on your brushes – set –GO:


  • The first thing that follows after trimming, cleaning and assembling the miniature
  • is the base coat.
    With white colour, I thinly paint the Mini. If too much grey/silver gleams through, another thin layer is added. Rather do 2-3 thin layers than one thick one that paste over the details! If you want to use the figure for playing, you should use a proper base coat, which lasts EVEN BETTER.
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