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The stone and the earth

The stone:

Colour page
For the stone I wanted a bright but dirty colour, a colour too dark would have meant a too little distinction between stone and figure.
  • I mixed Grey and some Rosy Tan and grounded the stone with it.
  • The shadows are made of three layers, adding more and more black to the basic tint.
  • Afterwards, the stone was brushed with the basic tint once more.
  • For the Highlights, I first added Ivory,
  • then two times more White.
  • To make the stone look really dirty, I then put a glaze of Prairie Olive (into the depths as moss) and one of Saddle Brown (onto the heights as soil) onto some parts of the stone.

The Ground:

Colour page
  • The ground itself is made of Saddle Brown,
  • washed two times with Black
  • and lightened with some White.
  • After that I blackened the edge, since now, no other colour was to get there.
  • Near the stones and into the chinks in the ground, a glaze of Prairie Olive was applied.

The leaves:

Colour page
  • The leaves are grounded with a mixture of Yellow, Rosy Tan and a whiff of Black.
  • I washed them with Chocolate Fudge and Black and framed them once more with almost completely Black;
  • then, I added some Yellow and some White to the basic tint, and ready were the Highlights!
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