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The eyes and skin

The Eyes:

Colour page
  • At first, the eye is painted in with White once more.
  • What follows is a vertical line in the eye colour desired (here Chocolate Fudge + some Black), which should be a little ellipsoidal, since the iris is not straight but round. One has to bear in mind that the iris has to touch the eye's edge – otherwise, the figures get an unnatural facial expression. Furthermore you need to know in advance where you want the figure to look, and place the iris accordingly. In this case it's the middle of the eye, since the Faerie is to look straight ahead. It doesn't matter if you paint beyond the edge, since this will be repainted later on.
  • Now, the eye's edge is drawn with a dark brown (almost Black),
  • and the iris gets a white point of reflectance.
  • Now, the outer edge of the eye is thinly repainted with White
  • and, additionally, the white of the eye is coated with a red glaze (made from a highly diluted colour) of Garnet Red to make it look more evil.

The skin:

Colour page
  • The colour of the skin is a mixture of Light Pink, Rosy Tan, White and Grey - that’s what the Duncan colours are really called! :)
  • For the depths I added some Black and thus painted the first shadows.
  • In two further steps, more and more Black is added, until the colour is a very dark Grey.
  • Before I start with the Highlights, I use the basic tint to remodel the skin wherever it has become too dark.
  • The Highlights consist of four layers, each of which has a little more White added to the basic tint.
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