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25.11.2007 Puh, 3 events, 7 days – in only 4 weeks; this was the hot fair autumn 2007!
Each year I look forward to this time again, but then I am glad, too, if its over! At the DUZI I could finish the Freebooter Succubus for the competition “same miniature”, in a last minute painting. It was worth the effort, because I won the title “German Master” with her!
At the Spiel we met acquaintances, played a lot and did a lot of shopping. :)
And last but not least we visited the Crisis in Antwerp. There we were pampered by the Tin Soldiers with high spirits and chocolate.
Are you curious what also happened to us? Than take a look at the individual fairs in my Event section.
See you soon Amber and her Troll

07.10.2007 Oh dear! Where are the last 6 month gone! Somehow the time left for painting was very short, although the time passed very fast!Please do not assume, that I gave up this hobby! This time I can proudly show you a few new miniatures. A small, grinning mole made by Masquerade Miniatures conquered my heart as soon as I saw him. Maybe his green thump helps me with my flowers at home, too.
Also I painted the new version of the Freebooter Darkelf assassin and the female poisoner Sarah.
In addition I finished two of five Ninja Goblins (Wazabi and Hoosu Uzo) which I want to put on one large scenic base. Unfortunatedly I could not finish all five for the DUZI but maybe till the Mini-Art-Con next year!
I brushed the Link section up also. Some fantastic painters of the Max Paint community created own web sides, which I wanted to show to you.
The magazine “Mephisto” published a tutorial about the painting of my Sarah in issue number 38. It shows the painting of her eyes, skin and hair.
Now much fun with the miniatures!!

15.04.2007 Hi! All of us came well through the mini-ART-con and I must say that it was one of the best events of its type for me! Even if I could not be at the booth as long as I actually wanted! You can find the pictures as always at my Event page.
I have two new figures for you: Gossamer the Air Sorceress made by Reaper and a wizard with two goblins by Masquerade Miniatures.

12.01.2007 I hope that you had a good start into the new year!
We started with a day full of painting with the guys of Max Paint. You can see a few pictures in my Event section.

24.12.2006 I wish you and your loves a beautiful Christmas and a couple of peaceful days up to the new year!
Put the brushes aside a couple of days, take care of your families and eat like horses! ;)
As the last deed I would like to show you the Christmas Miniature 2006 from Freebooter.
I hope, that I see you all again next year!!

23.11.2006 Hello my friends!
I would like to thank everyone who has paid me a visit at the exhibitions and gave me so much positive feedback! It has again been much fun to meet you there and to exchange tips and experiences.
On the “Spiel” we had a lot of fun with the Freebooter crew, tried out lots of games and have seen many curious and beautiful things.
The Tin Soldiers of Antwerp were again perfect hosts on the Crisis.
I have finished reports with pictures of the two exhibitions for you. You can find them here.
The darkelf lizard rider and the pirate monkey can now be seen in the Freebooter gallery. I have already finished the new Christmas miniature for Freebooter, but except that she is very sexy, I promised not to spoil the surprise.
The first Freebooter catalogue is there!! I have written a Tutorial for it. It deals with the painting of folds, as an example I have chosen the little squire. I will publish this here together with a little wood Tutorial soon.

15.10.2006 The exhibition season came quite suddenly and unexpectedly again (like every year) and I had to abandon most plans for miniatures because of the lack of time. The Long John Silver was finished shortly before the DUZI started. Why can’t I manage to get ready a week before a competition starts?? Do you also know this phenomenon?
May I introduce you to a small squire, who wants to catch the “murderer” of his wooden horse? Than take a look at the Freebooter Gallery.
Some events throw their shadows ahead and one exhibition is already over. The DUZI in Wesel, Germany was linked again with lots of chatting, noses pushed to display cases and eating. We took some pictures and of course you can see a few of them here.
In a few days the Spiel 2006 will start in Essen, Germany again and you can find us at the Freebooter booth on all four days. The brand new Freebooter catalogue will be available there, too. In it you can see pictures of all the wonderful Freebooter miniatures as well as tutorials made by Werner Klocke and me.
The Miniaturansichten will skip a year, but the mini-ART-con will take its place on the 24. March 2007. The website for further information and details (www.mini-art-con.de) was activated a few days before. I will give you a little teaser: the Red Devil Contest will be held there, four workshops shall be offered (one modelling workshop held by Werner Klocke, one by Stephan Niehues and one painting workshop held by Franz Sander and on by me). Speed painting and a few sale booths shall sweeten your time there, too. A bistro shall provide the physical well-being.
Since there are only very few pictures of the winning miniatures of the Miniaturansichten 2006 on the net until now, I want to show them here. I unfortunately do not know all names of the winners and would be very grateful for every help you can offer me. If you recognise some miniature on these pictures please let me know the name of the painter.
Soon I will show you my Freebooter dark elf lizard rider and the new limited edition miniature for the Spiel 2006. In addition, I am preparing a wood tutorial. The pictures were taken during the painting of the squire.
You see: I am not lazy!
CU Amber

18.06.2006 On the 11. June the “Miniaturansichten IV” took place at the “House of Youth” in Witten, Germany again. I put my Minis out of their display cases and packed them up well for the short, but uneven trip to Witten. You can see what we experienced there and whom we met, on my Events page. My Troll made again the pictures of the exhibition.
The pictures of the miniatures which won at the contest will be published on the “Houses of Youth” website. Just visit the site occasionally.Of course I will show you now the two miniatures which I finished just in time for the competition, as well as a new Freebooter miniature that was published a few days ago. I named her Daedra. Because it is such a wonderful miniature, I painted her a second time for myself with a different colour scheme.
Just take a look at the Freebooter Gallery to see them both. My version won me a silver “Red Devil” on the “Miniaturansichten”. And my new pride is a gigantic crocodile of Crocodile Games, named „Beloved of Sobek“. This large figure costs me over 30 hours to finish it, but it was worth the work, it won me a golden “Red Devil”.

15.05.2006 The first convention of the year already lies behind us now! We visited the Salute 06 in London, you can find a travel report in my Event area.
Again the Miniaturenansichten, which takes place in Witten on 11.6.2006, approaches.
Furthermore I also have a couple of pictures of the last two painter café’s for you.
And last but not least have I painted the Captain’s Daughter a second time for the completion of my own pirate family.

13.03.2006 There are two new figures to see today!
First a Freebooter miniature I had finished a long time ago. I was not allowed to show her earlier since she was not published yet. You can find the dark elf magician Ath'Celah in the Freebooter Gallery.
The second miniature was bought from the company "Wyrd-Miniatures". The little Baby Kade has fascinated me so deeply, that I had to paint it immediately.

31.12.2005 And again another year is over!
I am very sorry that I forgot to wish you a nice Christmas Time and so I want to wish you all a Happy New Year 2006!!
May everything you plan to take in hand succeed!
See you in 2006, alive and kicking!!

30.12.2005 So, the exhibition and contest time is over!! It is always very exciting and we have so much fun! We met many friends and other well known faces which we see only at this time of the year because we all live in different parts of Germany/Europe. But I have to confess, that it is nice too, if it is over! The bank account is empty, the feet are sore and I have talked until I was blue in the face! :)
Now it is time to paint new minis for the next contests. Dragan from Rackham is ready to paint and other ones are trimmed and cleaned and waiting!
You can find the three exhibition reports on the Event page, there are lots of pictures of the freebooter-crew, people who are eating and other curiosities.
I can proudly present two new minis:
The Captain’s Daughter was this year’s limited edition miniature for the “Spiel” and the Pirate Queen with her little assistant was finished only a short while before the DUZI.
And I forgot to translate the site of an Assassin miniature, the Female Seer was painted a few month ago.

03.11.2005 I translated the Faerie tutorial for you and added a few more techniques and tools to the other two tutorials. Just check the Tutorial page.
This weekend we will visit the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp again! Maybe we will meet at the Crisis in Belgium!
Pictures from the "Spiel" and the "DUZI" will follow!!

21.08.2005 Hi folks! The first two tutorials are ready and online. I describe the tools and techniques I use. A brand new Freebooter miniature is finished, you can look at the Bad Faerie at the Gallery.
The next update will hopefully be not so far away. :) So visit me again! CU

18.07.2005 I'm working hard to finish the tutorial, but you have to be patient a little bit longer because the miniature shall be published at the end of august. For now I just added a few new links, made four banner and put them on the link side too. Everyone who wants to link my side is welcome to do so! I linked the minis which are also posted on Coolminiornot to this side to make it easier for you to vote for them! And I'm sure that you always vote very good for me! ;))

04.06.2005 O.K. here comes the promised update. I know that it is a long time since I last showed new stuff to you. But I hope that I can satisfy you with the two brand new miniatures and a few pictures of the "Miniaturenansichten" which took place on the 29. May in Witten, Germany. You can find pictures and a few words about the exhibition on my Event page.
I worked 30 hours in one week like a maniac to finish the Lioness of Alahan for the competition! And it worked, she won me a Devil!!
And I finished a Freebooter mini (I just like them!). It is the chaos witch, which I named Spiderdust.

13.05.2005 Hi there! Does it look like I am lazy at the moment? The truth is that I finished a Freebooter mini recently and am currently working on a Rackham mini. But I don't want to publish pictures till the "Miniaturenansichten", because I want to show really new minis to the folks there. For all those who can not visit this exhibition: I will update my site shortly after this event with pictures of the minis and of the "Miniaturansichten".

09.04.2005 Sadly there was not much time to paint left in the last few weeks, so I want to show a few older but very nice dragons to you.
They can be seen at the Ral Partha Gallery.

12.03.2005 This time I posted pictures of a few older miniatures and of new ones too.
I painted a second version of the Freebooter Cook and the Christmas Angel 2004 for myself.
A little Goblin with a syringe which I got at the "Spiel 04" is finished and
my old Roborally miniatures had to came out of the cupboard and were photographed.
I tried a new hobby (you have to glue parts of napkins onto something). This is a little "Luck-Box" .
Currently I am trying to make a painting-tutorial. We already made the pictures, now we have to wait till the mini will be published. We have to sort out the pictures and reduce the size. We have to write the text ... and so on! ;)
You see, it will only take us a few month! :)

07.02.2005 I painted the younger sister of the Freebooter woodelfes. You can see her at the Freebooter Gallery.
The Falconer of Alahan was painted fon a miniature exchange with Holger Schmidt.
The last meeting of the Freebooter community was really nice, because of this I decided to give this meetings a little space on my Event page.
Please enjoy the new pictures.

01.11.2005 Today we finally launch the English part of my site.
I want to thank Steven Steine from the Freebooter Community for his help with the translation!!

10.10.2004 So, now we start my site. This is my little corner of the huge net. It is still not wholly finished and will grow during the next weeks. If you have helpful suggestions or notes concerning my site, please feel free to write an E-mail to me. I will try to answer it as soon as possible.
And now: have fun!!


P.S. Please keep in mind that I can’t accept commissions because of a great lack of time.

Events - Here you can see, where I was, am, or will be. Each event shall come along with an announcement, a little report and a few pictures.

Gallery - Here can you see my minis. So if you don’t have the chance to see the minis on exhibitions, workshops or in my flat you can look here closely at them. Some of them are on Coolminiornot, please feel free to vote for them or leave a comment! I am very grateful for every response.

Tutorials - Bit by bit there will follow reports about my way of painting.

About me - Those interested can find information about me and my way to this hobby.

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