Welcome to my site, which is dedicated to the painting of fantasy miniatures.

04.10.2010 Hello my dear friends!
Yes, I have neglected you! But I have a good excuse: I was ill and did not have any strength or concentration to paint, but now everything is all right again and I am back at my painting table. You can see this at the new miniatures in the gallery. There you can see a small mermaid made by Reaper Minatures, the second load of dice by MAOW and two Discworld miniatures (the Death with guitar and the Luggage) by Micro Art Studio.
In addition, a hailstorm damaged my old, beloved car so badly (300 hits on such a small car – it looked like an golf ball), that I had to replace it by another one. The new car is called “Red Pearl” and her styling is (nearly) finished. :) You can see her at my “About me” page. And now have fun with my miniatures!

18.07.2009 Today I like to show you not my own miniatures, but the awesome winners and participants of the Red Devil Painting Competition, which took place at the MAC. I don't want to keep a little report and a few pictures of this event back from you. (please click here).

14.06.2009 Hello Folks!
Today I will present you some new miniatures:
The Freebooter-Demoness in the new variant with wings was ready for the MAC on time, the small, greedy Monstropod, too. For him I have a plan for the future, so look out! The mascot of the “Fantasyladen” (a fantasy shop in Germany) is now available as a tin miniature. Of course I could not resist to buy one! A couple of very funny dice have also fallen victim to my brush! The fighting Snotlings were finished some time ago, but I don't wanted to keep them back from you.
A little report about the MAC and a couple of pictures of the event and of the Miniatures will follow a little bit later.

22.02.2009 Hi,
I hope that your start into the new year was easy!
Today I can proudly present my new mascot Amberle, you can find her and her story in the “Other” gallery.
A Masquerade bust and a new Freebooter miniature are in the respective galleries.
At the moment I work at an new miniature for the Red Devil Contest. Please note that the MAC will take place at the 21st March 2009!!

24.12.2008 Hi folks!
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope that you will receive lots of gifts, stay healthy and have a good start into a new year full of miniatures and paint splatters!

06.06.2008 I am finally back after a long and deep winter sleep with a whole lot of new stuff.
The MAC was a complete success again this year! Under Events you can see what happened there.
Right in time for the MAC I finished a unit with a show base as my contribution for the competition. The Autumn’s walk can be seen as a whole at the Dioramas-Section or as single miniatures in the Confrontation gallery.
The Masquerade`s Santa was nearly finished until last Christmas, but I finished the remaining rest very recently. That is why you can admire him just now (a little out off his usual season).
As a special highlight, I proudly present my new Amber coat of arms (see above). A friend of mine drew it especially for me. It also has an own history which you may read here.
And now, have fun rummaging around!

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