Here I would like to show you my favourite places at the www.

These are the Miniature manufacturers which I like most. They are characterized by small ranges of very fine minis! ;)

Freebooter Miniatures At the moment my favourite! It is the wonderful range of minis made by Werner Klocke, who is nearly a “living legend” because of his work for other companies like Reaper Miniatures.
Reaper Miniatures Reaper Miniatures USA
Masquerade Miniatures Wonderful miniatures sculpted by Stephan Niehues
Privateer Nice and big steam powered Warjacks!
Wyrd Miniatures Nice or scuril, you will find everything here.
Tin`s Bits Kevin Kosses still small but growing line of miniatures.
Cryptlock Currently there is "only" one miniature and one diorama on the new side of Michael Winkler, but I think that his range will grow fast.

Some manufacturers of bases and usefull stuff:

Micro Art Studios Wonderful bases made in Poland.
Hirst Art's Cast your own house parts for your minis, not cheap but very nice.
Pinselknecht Here you can find the bases and miniatures of Jan Felix Meier.

These are the websites of other painters, which I like as examples or for my motivation.

Franz Sander I'm very happy that Franz is now online again! His site is still under construction, but I think that you will find it well worth seeing!
Brushthralls A really stunning side with lots of tutorials for beginners and pros!
Jenova Project She isn’t only a very good painter, she is also a very good writer of tutorials!
Hot Lead A specialist for fire effects
Matt Verzani Awesome minis!
Crackpots Brush Hour Crackpot of the Max Paint comminity is my NMM hero!!!
Redfink Redfink aka Oliver Lutz showes his wonderful Rakham miniatures on his site, I love the crazy colors!
Destroyer Minis Marike Reimer, she is painting a lot for Freebooter.
Sirneo Sirneo aka Bastian Hemmesmann
The Miniature Gallery Dirk Stiller's wonderful miniatures.
xS-Art Reiner Schmitz aka xShaperx can proudly present his new website and his miniatures.

And last but not least a few websites about communities and events.

Das Bemalforum This is a new side about the painting of miniatures. Up to now there are not so many pictures in the galleries but I think/hope that this will change soon! ;) And you can find many tutorials there!
Cool Mini Or Not If you have pictures of your painted miniatures, you can show them here to a very large community of painters. Every one can vote for them!
Crisis Each year the Crisis takes place on the first weekend in November in Antwerp, Belgium.

I’m not responsible for the contents of the mentioned sites!

If you want to link my side to yours just write me an E-Mail.