Freebooter Gallery #35 The biggest gallery because of my work for Freebooter.
Other Miniatures #15 Everything that doesn’t fit into the other Galleries
Rackham Gallery #14 Just impressive minis
Assassin Gallery #8 Here live the “Monstern”
Masquerade Gallery #7 Nice minis sculpted by Stephan Niehaus
Dioramas and Vignetts #7 Here are my little precious dioramas
Ral Partha Galerie #4 The most wonderful dragons you've ever seen
Fenryll Gallery #3 Wonderful miniatures made of resin. It's a Frensh company.
Games Workshop Gallery #2 You can’t ignore this company completely! ;)

At Coolminiornot.com everyone has the opportunity to vote for painted miniatures! If you want to vote for my minis you are welcome to do it here:

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