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This Diorama tells the story of two amazons, who went out to hunt an ork.
The blonde girl ran into the camp and shouted: “ I saw an gigantic ork! Down by the river!” she disturbed the red haired girl while resting but she was willing to help the other girl to hunt the beast down.
After a hard day of searching for signs they rested on an old tree trunk which was lying across a little river. The red haired amazon was angry and asked here companion: “ Where is your big ugly gigantic ork?” and the other said in despair: “It has to be here somewhere, I know it!”
Well, if there was an big ugly ork is not known to us, but all we know is that there is a little goblin hiding under the bridge fishing in peace. :)

Galery / Dioramas / Where is it? Next Miniature