Spiel 2007

Just a few days after the DUZI, the Spiel started in Essen, Germany. So we wrapped our photo and painting equipment and went out to experience new adventures! :)
This year my duty at the Freebooter booth was shorter, because Franz Sander wanted to paint too and there were two pirate speed paintings a day. So there was much time to stroll around, to chat with friends, to play and to spend money.
The first opportunity to do this was found on the first day at the booth of Universal Cards. They sold Rackham miniatures for such a fantastic price, that I had to buy a lot of stuff that was on my imaginary list “nice but to expensive”. Because of a stroke of luck (an acquaintance bought so much, that the booth was nearly empty on that day) we got even better prices. Among other things I bought were the Mid-Nor clan box with the chess pieces and many other Blister! If I could ever paint it all? I think not! :)
We also found our French friends of Fenryll again, so we had to buy the new cute pumpkins! A Santa Clause, a punk and a little devil.
I thought that we saw less clad live role players, but nevertheless there was much to see.
We tried a few games made by the large publishing houses, but in the end we got stuck at Pegasus games. The new “Hedgehog 2”, where in addition to the hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits and mice now also raccoons and birds fight for the food, is very nice. Another game that lives of its cute presentation and a fast game play is “Robotics”. It’s a game about robot factories which can get the robot parts by buying, stealing or looting the junkyard. A Munchkin Cthulhu Memorie also had to come along!
On Sunday we (Franz, Werner and me) were allowed to judge the speed painting competition of Pegasus games!
An absolute highlight was the booth next to us, which sold false teeth and tattoos, stocking like things, which were drawn over the arm, for the tough guys who fear the tattoo needle! :)
There was a new member at the Freebooter booth, too: Maite. She embodied the “5 Years of Freebooter” miniature and made the life difficult for the speed painting participants!
But now I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

The mandatory barrel-picture at the beginning of the fair

This is a barrel-picture after a caroused night!

Franz new clothes

The limited edition miniature for "5 years of Freebooter"


... the place where the tough guys could get the fake tattoos

The run for Universal Cards

Just another booth

This little witch seems to belong to a game! :)

Iorek Byrnison of the "Golden Compass"! Live-sized!

Another booth

Speed painting Freebooter like, it is never boring!

Weighting of the results. The decisions were never easy made!

Two happy participants! The painting wasn't easy too!! :)

Removing the make up afterwards

Rebecca established herself

If Jan knew, how many people had this brush in their mouths on this weekend?

A new weighting!

Maite - the scary!!

Very apocalyptic!

I thin that this guy felt very hot!! :)

Music at the booth of Spielexpress

Who is afraid of...? What is it??

Tanja is fighting for the Munshkin championship

It was really crowded on Saturday!


Weighting of the Pegasus speed painting competition

The winners: Markus, Sascha and Tanja together with the jury

I have a very sweet tooth, like you can see here!

Very impressive, especially the black contact lenses! #brrr#

Heavy boots for an fairy!? ;) Maybe we will see her as a miniature soon?

A Chobit

A very good-humoured Succubus