Spiel 2006

4 days full of wonderful impressions, new games, nice people and blown up budgets! :)
This year I didn’t had to work at the Freebooter booth the whole days, since Franz, Werner and I had taken turns with painting and sculpting. So really much time was left to roam around. The first game we played was "Nasty dungeons", a game with 5 magicians who each have inherited one Dungeon and must through the characters of the other players out of it. The game is funny, because of the funny drawings on the cards and a quite fast game principle. The "master thieves" were the next highlight. The game contains one big wooden cube with 12 drawer, these can be loaded from both sides by turning and twisting the cube. The aim is to get your "fake" diamonds into the cube and collect the "real" diamonds from it. What sounds simple is not so simple in reality, you must remember the moves of the other players and the turns of the cube to get as many diamonds as possible! Some games we had tried out turned out fast to be boring and fell from our shopping list immediately.
We spent the largest part of our time with chatting, but that are fairs for!
The next highlight on the “Spiel” was the speed painting! On Saturday Tanja, Franz, Sascha and I tried to paint the pirate monkey in only one hour. This is exhausting!! One hour of panic-painting without taking breath, because every second counts!! We were allowed to paint uninterrupted! Sunday the whole thing became more difficult, because Franz and Nicole gave a task to the participants (change the place with your neighbour / go to the hall wall and back/ eat a sweet etc.) every 10 minutes.
What was then still left of our time was spent for strolling and wondering, because the outfits of the people in our hall no. 6 were again really great!!
I would like to show you some of them here:

The “Spiel” starts and everyone is coming!


This is my Troll at work


... but this could not last for long

Werner and his new hat

These two have made it: Leather Joe and his crew

More hats...

... who will get the next hat?

Werner shows his fans how it is done

Franz wanted to paint this time, too.

A pirate bird

My mother...

...and my father

This time we made an one-hour speed painting

And … GO !!

Full concentration

Wash out your brushes! The time is over!

The results of the speed painting. For an hour work really not bad, or?

Would these not be beautiful miniatures?

Doing nothing?

Christian of Headblast

Tim at work

A beautiful game...

... about a skeleton

A gigantic Cuthulhu made by Hero clicks

An online game – Eve, with nice pictures and gigantic screens


A giant made by Rackham...

...an Undertaker...

... and a nice female dwarf

I liked this picture…

... this one hung on the edge of the booth

A game with sheep

A booth with dragons

The members of Opus Anima could be recognized by their top-hats

A very beautiful dress

Funny figures

More nice outfits

An Ork!!

Gimli? You here?


A miniature of Anima Tactics...

...and another one

Munchkin headquarters

Micro Art Studio - nice bases

A magician made by them

A "real" dragon...

... it could spit fire (ähem … smoke)!