Spiel 2005

This year the Troll and I used two of the four days for shopping, roaming and strolling! On Thursday and Friday we were able to look at everything a little bit more closely than the last years, and could play lots of games (and bought a few of them, too!).
My absolute favourite games were “Caught in the ghost train”, a very funny and creepy board game and “Igels” (Hedgehog’s) a card game with very aggressive hares, squirrels, mice and hedgehogs who fight with very unfair but funny actions against each other to win the fodder.
On Saturday and Sunday I was invited to paint at the Freebooter booth again. I enjoyed the good mood and the champagne a lot!
Furthermore we learned a new logic game at the booth of a magazine (the “Spieleexpress”) and now we are highly addicted to it, it’s called SUDOKU!!
Sadly Franz Sander could not join us on each day, but because of Nicole we never where bored!
But see with your own eyes what we experienced on the “Spiel 2005”:

Time for shopping and chatting!!

Franz the Pirate

...who has always his mobile phone at hand

Exhibition "Mini"??

The booth of Urban War



Holger, who painted on Friday

The next break

Nicole with her loot

And ready! With this gown I had to roll up my sleeves

The Captain

Live Music at the next booth

An Orc at the exhibition!!!

A plush-tiger could also be found


...but not for long!

the live is hard...

...especially if you have to sort miniature parts!

Two stilt walkers

one fierce...

...the other one icy

foreign pirates

Catan in 3D

O la la!

Ciruelo! His dragons are the best!!

Very frightening!!

A female satyr

Something for the younger ones

The booth of Assassin and Masquerade

One Crepe! PLEASE!

Terrain made with materials from "Noch"

Someone is "shooting" back!