Spiel 2004

This year we were really lucky. It didn’t rain on our way to the exhibition, we had no traffic jam and we found our way to the booth without difficulties. So there was nothing that could stop a successful fair. :)
During my breaks we could roam through the halls of the exhibition and watch the people, play new games and meet friends. We bought three parlour games and the second part of “Munshkin” (and “Munshkin bites”).
Saturday evening all booth members met at our boss’ home and we all enjoyed the very good Asian meal (thanks to Irene for the work!).
Thanks to all of you who asked me lots of questions! It's so amazing, a few years ago I was very shy when I saw all the painters at the Spiel and was afraid to ask them questions, because I thought: ”Wow, they are so good!”
And now have fun with the pictures:


The bustle of the last minutes before the opening of the fair

Posing for the camera

What was Franz fault? :)

The pictures with the barrel were so much fun to make!!

Our little mascot

At work

It was getting crowded..

...and than it began to get busy!

Barrel the second picture!

Like every year: Mampf I

Mampf II

and Mampf III

Here is the evidence!! We were not always eating!

This was my favorite of this years news, a gnome cart from Fenryll.


Marcus Pohlmann, Franz Sander, Werner Klocke and Marcus girlfriend! :)

Each morning Werner opened a bottle of champagne for the warm up! Hmm tasty!