Miniaturansichten 2006

This year I also got an invitation to show my miniatures on the “Miniaturansichten”. Although it is always fantastic to show the Minis outside of my own four walls, it is a horror for me to transport them with the car. The streets of the Ruhrgebiet are getting really bad and each pothole lets my heart stand still (and Troll, my driver, gets a nasty hiss from me).
But all went well this time too and so we arrived safely around 9:30 in the morning and after a fast greeting we started with the construction and the polishing of the display case. And of the photo area, which my Troll managed very well. Exactly at 11 o’clock the first visitors stormed into the hall. I talked certainly the entire time through! With other exhibitioners, with friends, acquaintance and with guests. Or is there a better reason to go to this kind of exhibitions? Therefore I had no time for painting there, but I can do that at home also. In my opinion we had not as much visitors as last year, maybe because of the football world championship or the very warm weather. But the number of miniatures that joint the competition increased and the standard was very high!
The Jury consists of Holger Schmidt, Werner Klocke, Stephan Niehues and Franz Sander.I placed some of the competition miniatures to the pictures, even if I do not always know who painted them.
Hopefully the pictures of the winning miniatures can be seen in the next days on the website of the House of Youth. The miniatures were so fantastic!!
The price, the Red Devil, was this time also sponsored and sculptured by Stephan Niehues (Masquerade Miniatures). It is larger than last years Devil and has now an impressing wooden base! The prices are now so big, that the winning miniatures can hide easily behind them.
My Beloved of Sobek won the first price in the Monster Masterclass category and my Daedra the second place in the Single Miniature Masterclass category. And now, just enjoy the pictures:

Red Devil Painting Contest 2006

Concentrated constructing and unpacking before the start

This is the (yet) empty competition table with the new prices

I could not let the competition remain this empty and with an angel behind my back nothing could go wrong! ;)

Wow, so many figures had emerged after a while

I unfortunately forgot the name of this artist, but his flat figures are really stunning

A diorama made of flat miniatures with dragons!!

A medieval torture chamber, or yet a church??

Markus Steinhäuser and Sabine Wolfmeier

Franz Sanders gigantic, yet not entirely finished wild boar riding Orc from Forge world

Andrea Wille with admirers

Werner Klocke is sculpting and simultaneously gives an interview.

Guido Günther and ??

Schwarz-Brot of the Max Paint Community

The proud “Pinselknecht” (Jan Felix Meier) with his amazing bases

His wonderful diorama!

Dirk Stiller can paint always and everywhere! ;)

That are two of his wonderful busts

The members of the jury are sticking the heads together

From the left: Stephan Niehues, Holger Schmidt, Christian Böge (Best Freebooter miniature), Werner Klocke and Franz Sander

This Diorama won the price for the "best Freebooter miniature"

Unfortunately I know nothing about the following competition miniatures.

Neran of Rackham, painted by Guy Botteldoorn

Who hits whom?

Simply a beautiful idea

Cheerleader rulez!

A skeleton of Rackham

One of my favourite figures: Le Corbeau of Rackham, this one is painted by Guy Botteldoorn (do I have an affection for Rackham Minis? ;))