Miniaturenansichten 2005

Now the third "Miniaturenasichten" is over! Unfortunately there were not so much visitors as we hoped would come, but I think it was too hot to visit exhibitions. Everyone with a garden or a balcony would prefer to lie there in the cooling shade, than sweat in hot closed rooms with us! (And believe me, I understand that!) :)
Circa 25 exhibitioners had come to present their wonderful miniatures, this time even two guests had come from Belgium! I met so many familiar faces and discussed many interesting subjects with visitors and other exhibitioners.
Unfortunately, my boy friend was so engaged in his work for the exhibition (he was the photographer), that he missed it to take a picture of my booth!! ;)
The pictures of the winning miniatures can be found on Holger Schmidt's page of the House of Youth.
I was very lucky to win three prices with two miniatures. My Spiderdust won the second place in the category "Single miniature Master" and a special trophy as the best painted Freebooter mini in this competition. The Lioness of Alahan won the first place in the category "Monster Master". :)
Enough of the talking, here are the pictures:

This is the bigger one of the two rooms during the preparations for the exhibition

This is the second and smaller room

One of the exhibitioners had brought plain miniatures with him and they were very fascinating.

Franz was able to paint during the exhibition! I was not! :)

This was the table for the competition miniatures

The jury was discussing very hard! They made the decisions not too fast!

This was the jury (from the left): Holger Schmidt, Stephan Niehues, Werner Klocke and Michael Immig

And here they are this years prices! They were even bigger than last year!

A closer look at one of the "Red Devils"

Now it started to get really exciting! The award ceremony started

Me and one of my three winnings!