Max Paint Maltreffen III

On the 6th January, Jan (Schwarz-Brot) from the Max Paint community gathered us for a painting meeting. So we gave my Sky the spurs and dashed the approx. 100 km to the parental home of Schwarz-Brot. In the winter garden we had enough place to paint and take photographs. In addition, we were immediately included in the family and spoiled by his mother with lunch and cake!
Everybody had brought painted miniatures so everyone could have a look at the works of other painters. We took a couple of photographs of this miniatures and on this occasion there was much talk about how it is done best!
Unfortunately, the faithful Dimage A1 of my Troll has given up in the course of the day! A production fault has bumped her off. A wrong adhesive fumigates with the time and the steams destroy the sensor. But better now than on the mini-art-con! Currently we are searching for a substitute!
We had to go early and could hardly tear ourselves away! But we already look forward to the next meeting.

Photo without Tikey and Troll

Our host: Jan aka Schwarz-Brot

Goblin Champion made by Jan

Female Druid

Sven aka Vulture

Bastian aka sirneo

Bastians miniatures

The lizard

There is something written in this book!

Jürgen aka Crackpot

This is how it is done! With a sharp brush tip and a steady hand!

Jürgens tank

Elise the witch

We have no picture of Thomas aka Tikey, but this miniature is painted by him!

This is a picture after the sensor gave up! :(