mini-ART-con 2009

The organizers took the visitor’s feedback from the last years to heart and so the MAC took for the first time place in a bigger hall in Reken, Germany. The corridors were broader than in the past, what made strolling and shopping even more pleasant and in addition everyone could enjoy the same kind and almost familiar atmosphere of the previous years. The exhibitors and artists were mostly known from the last year. New were the members of the “” and a manufacturer of hand made display cases, who provides me with bases for my minis for many years.
Like in the last years I held a workshop during the convention, this year it was about layering for beginners. We felt very comfortable in the bright and functional equipped rooms and so the working was really fun.
But this year there also were points of criticism. First, that Reken is a little remote, which made the journey for some visitors more difficult and second, that the bistro was not quite so good concerning the selection of goods. I have missed the bistro crew from Mülheim and their cakes, rolls and other sweets greatly!
The Red Devil competition was visited very well again. Although each painter could only hand in a figure in every category, the display cases were full and the quality of the submitted figures was higher than in the past year once again.
There are not many pictures of the event itself since my troll has taken pictures at the competition again. The links below lead you to the winners and to some minis I personally like very much. Now have fun with the small impressions and the really fantastic miniatures!

Winner of the Red Devil Competition 2009

Other participants of the Red Devil Competition 2009

A small overview over the exhibition hall in three parts! - Part 1...

...part 2...

...and part 3

The speed painting was held again under the patronage of the Freebooter crew

Regardless how large the stage is. There will be always a scramble in front of the show cases!

Shortly after all was arranged...

...the corridors were full of visitors

Max Paint was there again, of course!

Everyone was searching for a good view in front of the stage ...

...because soon the award ceremony is going to start!

The pictures of the winning miniatures were shown on a big screen

The happy winner of the golden Red Devil for the best of Show - Brenda Gosman

My Troll found a few really nice miniatures in the showcases of the exhibitors as well!!

A really nice piece of terrain made by "Götterdämmerung"

another perspective

And yet more miniatures!!