mini-ART-con 2008

The MAC was exactly the same as last year: absolutely fantastic, crowded and it ended far too soon! :)
On Friday afternoon, we helped the crew installing the stands. We moved around tables and chairs and had to build up showcases.
Unfortunately we had to leave at 19:30 because my Autumn’s walk was not finished yet and waited for the last finishing touches. Furthermore, nothing was packed yet to be transported to the MAC. That is why this evening all we got to eat was a pizza from the delivery boy. However, there have to be brought sacrifices for the art! :)
At 23:00 all leaves were glued onto the base, the miniatures were packed safely and we were in bed sated and very tired.
The next morning at 6:00 we planned to get up and start into the day, because at 8:00 we already wanted to be in the exhibition hall to arrange our remaining stuff. The Troll had to do the photo equipment and I did the minis.
Actually we planned to install two working stations to photograph the minis, but oh dear!!! One cable was missing and we were one person short because of the competition.
“I’ll make it on my own,” the Troll was saying bravely. If only he had known than what would happen to him later…
The only thing I witnessed of this drama in the following hours was a constantly growing queue of minis in front of the photo desk and a completely lost Troll!
My own stand was between the ones of Brenda Gosman and Guy Bottledoorn. A cheerful atmosphere was guarantied by that and I had the possibility to examine their miniatures at first hand. It is awesome what Brenda is doing with only 1.5 years of painting experience! I take my head off to her! There is no chance for me to keep up with her.
Right at the beginning of the MAC Jens Vianden visited me and presented me a self-painted stand for visiting cards. He had shown me a picture of an astonishing crest on his cell phone at the DUZI last year. “Look what I have drawn “at” the PC of my girlfriend!,” he said.
No question that I wanted something like that for myself, too! I thought that he had spoken of a picture file which he had drawn (in fact he had meant that he had painted the crest onto the enclosure of the PC). Such a nice misunderstanding caused of a double meaning in German!
Shortly after the DUZI he, who recently had become a father, sent me a picture of the new begun coat of arms painted in acryl colours onto plastic-card.
Now I cannot only use the crest on my homepage, but I can also take it away with me to exhibitions! That is how I came to my stand’s adornment, and I am thrilled, that he had made it right in time to the MAC.
From now on, I gabbled on and on and…
When one acquaintance was gone, the next one was already standing in line; and so the day was gone in a blink off an eye. I nearly missed the time to make arrangements for the workshop. On the stroke, I arrived at the meeting point, packed with my painting box and a couple of water glasses.
I knew nearly all of the faces I saw at the workshop and so we started right away.
Soon I realized that it is not as easy as I thought it would be to teach my way of painting to other people.
The consistence of the paint, the spreading of it and the bearing of the brush were things, which were to be regarded. This was hard work for all the participants.
It didn’t work out as well as I had hoped it would, but fortunately nobody held that against me!
Two of the attendants gave me feedback by now that it had worked for them and now they were working hard to improve their style.
The two hours were gone far too soon and we had to come to an end much to fast.
However, the MAC went on!
A short glance into the competition showcases showed me, that my unit had made it into the one for the finalists. Super!
Nevertheless, the winner in this category was obvious for me by now: The Chaos chess by Redfink. There was no doubt about it!
Guy guarded my stand perfectly and when I came back, we continued to chatter.
The time went by too fast and before I knew what was happening the award ceremony was beginning.
This year 187 miniatures took part in the competition and my Troll nearly took photos of all off them (all in all that made nearly 600 pictures!).
That is why he did not see very much of the event itself and that although he gave his second camera to our friend Tanja. This time she made all off the pictures off the award ceremony. Thanks to her for all the magnificent pictures!!!
Troll did catch pictures off all the winner minis. Therefore, it was possible to admire the winners on a big screen by a beamer and cheer it adequately. The standard was very high this year and I am very proud that my unit came second best.
Now I will not keep back the pictures any longer. Some miniatures from the competition you can admire in the “Red Devil Gallery 2008”. Not all off them are winners off the competition (these ones you can watch on the MAC homepage) but these are the ones I liked very much. Have fun and thanks for reading this! ;-)

Klick here to find pictures of the Red Devil Painting Contest 2008

Max Paint has rearmed! They have an own banner by now!

The Phoenixhort was present again!

I shall make a photo of the group!? How does that work??

In the end, the thing with the picture did work out!

In between Dirk and Michael allowed themselves a smoking break. But, who is than watching the stand?


The president’s ship: the "Heart of Gold II" :)

Let the games begin! ;)

Again, Guy Bottledoorn had astonishing figurines in the bag!

Guido Günther was as cool as a cucumber!

Damned, I clipped too much!!! ;-)

Others came to work, too. Not myself! ;-)

What is “Sickhase” drinking ? Painting water?

Oh, how boring! It’s only coffee!

Georg Damm's unit

What does the jury conspire with him?

Well, who has the longest… ehmm objective???

Crackpot not....

.... but he can paint better! ;-)

At the Freebooter stand Maite armed for her mission at the speedpainting.

The convention is well underway

It was Brenda’s first exhibitionas an exhibitor. She brought her boyfriend for backup.

Brenda's show case

The cake buffet

The shambles of the bread rolls

A huge diorama...

... with absolutely lots of beautiful details.

A dwarf

At the beginning, everything was in apple-pie order! But shortly after that...

...the Troll was in full action!!

There were simply too many miniatures! That is too much; even for the fastest digital camera!

But nevertheless of every miniature photos will be taken, so don't jostle!

And Heinz continuously produces supplies!

Last preparations before the speedpainting started. You can already see the doubt in the competitor’s faces. Had it really been a good idea to participate here?

This paint is got to be used now, you lugworms!! Yes, indeed, speedpainting is hard work! ;-)

Not bad…for landsmen!!

In my workshop, the atmosphere was real smooth.

Beautiful little diorama!

The jury is in session!

A view from the other side of the show cases

The hard working bistro crew

Bettina and Dorothe of Freebooter

Hey, you Troll… back to your minis!

The scramble in front of the stage, the award ceremony is forthcoming

Blackbird happily phoned home afterwards: “Daddy, I won gold!”

A rightful victory in the category “Best of Show” for Redfink, his Chaos chess was phenomenal!!

After the MAC: We all were kaput but happy!

A few minutes of cosy gathering and than we all had to scatter to the four winds.

Well, even if Tanja is responsible for most of the pictures of this year’s MAC, she couldn’t escape completely!:-) Thanks again for the amazing pictures!!