mini-ART-con 2007

Since the mini-ART-con was a home match for my Troll and me (we live only approx. 20 km away from it), we could build up my showcase on Friday evening. Unfortunately we could not help the others from the beginning to place the tables etc. since we still had to work and could be there only toward 18:00 o’clock. Building up, cleaning, blether and laughter tuned us for the next day. After the work done, we sat together with the MAC crew and philosophised a little about the event: How will it be? Is everything ready? How many people will come? - But what really did happen, nobody of us were prepared for!!
At 9:00 o’clock we arrived at the already with live sparkling hall, everywhere people were building up and filling their booths. With so many well-known people around I was glad that my things were already ready and that I could change a couple of words and many handshakes. Shortly before 10:00 o’clock Stephan Niehues, Werner Klocke and Franz Sander held a small welcoming speech and wished everyone a beautiful and successful day.
Shortly after 10:00 o’clock it was crowded!! Where did everybody came from so quickly? And again.... so many friends and acquaintances!! My head was spinning and I hope, that no-one is angry with me, because I hat not enough time to speak to him or her!
The first Speedpainting already started at 11:00 o’clock. Although I was properly sorry for the ruined miniature I am quite proud of my little goblin shaman! In one hour a Mini is normally hardly undercoated and does not have proper eyes! But it was all about the fun here and not about precision and so Nicole's intermezzi relaxed the grim atmosphere as well as our tense shoulders! (Only the break with the sweet was not so nice!!) Right after I finished this #sigh# there was hardly time to submit the Minis to the competition and to satisfy hunger and thirst (many thanks once again to the bistro team) before I had to gather the participants of my workshop. I had not considered that some of the participants already were upstairs since they already had the workshop with Franz behind themselves and so it came so to a short irritation. But I still could gather everyone in time! :)
And also in my workshop: 50% known names, although I did not know everyone personally but met them at the Max Paint community. I was so excited!! My first workshop! Expectant, but kind faces looked at me. Therefore simply beginning and jumping headfirst into the matter would be the best strategy. I had arranged an exercise book as a highlight with the individual steps towards eyes and skin, together with a couple of colour examples (good that I had got me a colour ink printer some time ago)!. So everybody could comprehend the single steps later in their individual speed. Hopefully nobody is angry with me because I fairly often led the people improve the work (Sorry sirneo !!). There were also advanced painters in the course: Zaphot Beeblebrox has fetched a golden Red Devil with his "Yarri, die Schlampe aus dem Auenland" in the Open Category (see below)!!
It was over at 15:00 o’clock. Unfortunately, we had not come so far with the skin as I had hoped, since the eyes had taken more time than expected and the two hours were over in what seemed to be half an hour. The feedback was very positive and I hope that everyone could learn something. Many thanks once again to the students for the pleasant atmosphere and the many questions during the workshop!!
Now I could deliver my parents from guarding my booth and sit down there a little while myself. But it was not quiet! The next hours sped past, I had hardly time to go shopping!!
In not time we had to make us ready for the presentation ceremony! In the competition were even more fantastic pieces than in the years before!! To join such a competition really is much fun and so I was a little sorry that I only took part with half a heart this time. I had doubts to take part because I am quite narrowly connected with the organizers/the jury. And so I did not thrown myself into that matter with full enthusiasm as always. But pay attention! Next year I am there again, and then I will see if I still can keep pace!! Warm congratulations to all winners, especially to the wonderful People of Max Paint !!
I am blessed with the full range of photos of the competition figures and I must say that the choice was not easy. I want to show here not only the winners (I leave this to the organizer) but Minis, that are really great in my eyes.
Just before the publication of the "Best of show" miniature, Franz showed us his talent as a fire-breather !!
Again, a beautiful day almost came to an end. At 18:00 o’clock the gates closed for the visitors and the valediction and packing started. After we had packed everything into our car, we waited for the free beer in a comfortable round in the bistro and decimated the remains of the cakes. The round and also the eyes became smaller and smaller with the time, because even a beautiful day is exhausting. So we departed unwillingly one after the other. It was 22:00 o’clock when we locked the doors together with the last ones! Thanks to the visitors, the exhibitors and the wonderful MAC-crew for an excellent day!
You want to see pictures? Then go on:

Pictures of the Red Devil Painting Contest 2007

The whole mini-ART-con Crew - without my Troll, he had to take the picture ;)

Without good mood I can not let you enter!!

Greetings from our hosts: Stephan Niehues, Franz Sander and Werner Klocke

The exhibitioners in front of their booths!

Instantly after the doors opened for the guests it was crowded

Caught - With candies I could catch a Freebooter (here Bettina)

Markus Steinhäuser and Sabine Wolfmeier (Wölfi)

One of their wonderful miniatures

Jan Felix Meier - the Pinselknecht as a proud merchant

The two new blood sculptors Kevin Kosse and Michael Winkler

At the booth of Guido Günther - I love this ball, is his grinning magnificent??

A small miniature made by his companion

Michael Immig

His miniatures - fantastic!

Guy Bottledoorns miniatures! Sadly without him -
He gave me one of his little showcases as a gift! And I already know what I will but inside it!!

The old-new Darkelf Assassin by Freebooter

One of Mirco Wenning's miniatures

Uwe Peter and Gerhard Mönninghoff with their flat figures

I was very excited a few moments before the starting of the Speedpainting!!

It was not easy to keep a steady hand.

The Phönixhort

Talking shop at one of the Demo-tables

Christian of Headblast and his Demo-table

Shortly before the ending of the Speedpainting, in the background you can see the crowded competition showcases

A look from the other side! Behind the competition

Everyone was longing for one of these - the Red Devil

My Workshop!

A wonderful miniature!

Darkelf Sorceress made by Sabine Wolfmeier (Wölfi)

Hail to the King made Oliver Lutz (Redfink) - marvellous!!

Who is the poor fellow underneath the troll?

A small pumpkin - sweet!!

The first Finalists are chosen...

...and shortly after, the weighing begins!

The award ceremony starts...

and the crowd is gathering!

My Troll made a picture of Michael Bartels (Zaphod Beeplebrox) ...

...while he catched my Troll (thank you for the picture :) )

The climax of the award ceremony, the next price will be the Best of Show...

...and this is celebrated with fire-breathing!

19 Members of the community! They came, saw and took a lot of prices with them!!!!

Soooo tired did I look after such a wonderful day! :)
Till next year!!!!!