Freebooter Painter-Cafe No. 4
April 2006

This painter cafe took place in a parish house in Herten. The room is really excellent, there is a lot of space, a big kitchen and the best off all: dart boards, tabletop soccer and billiard tables.
We were only a handful of people but this has not spoiled our good mood. I hope that we may use this rooms again.
I want to thank Lensman again, because he made this meeting possible!

The Captain is painting!!!



This is just one quarter of the whole room!

Freebooter Painter-Cafe No. 3
February 2006

This painter café was located in a youth centre in Oberhausen, Germany where Franz Sander is very dedicated to. Thanks to him we could use the rooms a few hours for our painting.

A good lamp is very important!!

The Captain, Tim, the Oberpirat, Hook and a Newbie.

You are not here to read!! Back to work!!

This is better!!

All working together

Freebooter-Community meeting 2
February 2005

In the beginning we were just a few but more were comming.

The chaos on the table

from left: Amber, Holger, Malkav, Klabautermann and all look at Markus "Fairy Meat"-Miniatures

Der Captain and his hat...

..and working

The Maestro: Werner

Of course there was a cake like on every meating or fair! ;)

Freebooter-Community meeting 1
November 2004

Our room at the "House of Youth" in Witten

left: the Captain Jack, right: Holger Schmidt

from the left: Vulture, the Captain, Holger

Amber and the Klabautermann