Duzi 2007

This year the DUZI celebrated its 25th birthday. For this occasion our host came up with something special. Instead of showing only historical miniatures we could take a glimpse into real history, because outside the Niederrheinhalle was a camp of Medieval traders and Romans. My favourite was the mead booth of “Sinnenzauberey” which had the best and also sweetest mead which I have ever drunk! Among other meads, there was also one named “Dragonblood”, it’s a mead with chilli!! Really hot!!
Like each year we saw many familiar faces under the exhibitors as well as under the visitors. A new face was that of Michael Winkler (Cryptlock), up to now he has only few, but very beautiful, figures in his range but I think that it will grow fast.
On Saturday evening there was a big supper with all exhibitors. It was a meal like the Medieval knights would have got, with turkey legs, roast pork, mead and without forks.
It was quite late when we got to bed, so the next morning was a little exhausting! ;)
Of course many members of the Max Paint community visited the DUZI as well; they created a very good atmosphere and enriched the painting competition! After I saw Crackpots “Drünegar Runekeeper”, I wanted to buy him for me immediately, too. Unfortunately, he was already sold out everywhere!
The presentation ceremony was much more fun this year, then otherwise. After 4 or 5 members of the community received their trophies, wearing the MP-Shirts (there was much jubilation), Mr. Schröder got obviously nervous and wondered, if there would be a MP logo on the next winner! It stood! :)
At the end he asked the unavoidable question: “Who or what is MP?”, a resounding MAX PAINT answered him from all throats. If he is cleverer now? :)
I think many members of MP will return next year, hopefully with the same success than this year!
With the last minute finished Succubus I won the “German Masters” and with my Wazabi the first place at the Single Miniature Fantasy category. The DUZI was also pleasant for my purse; I have spent hardly any money there within the two days! :)

Freebooter is steadily growing!!

Typical for us!! The Troll cached us again while we were drinking alcohol!

Bettina with the new crew member - Rebecca


At the beginning the brand new limited edition mini had to be packed for sale!

Survey over the camp! Übersicht über das Heerlager. Please note the good weather!!


The mead booth of Sinnenzauberey

And where are the Romans now?

Werner (Napoleon) Klocke or just boss

Sometimes he is a real Gentleman

The beginning of the supper, still everything is civilized

This was the table after the meal

Cryptlocks Devorianischer Händler...

...and Karadon & Ygodra

Thomarillions Ents

The biggest diorama: The siege of Minas Thirit with 40.000 miniatures

Werner at work

The members of Max Paint are arriving...

...and soon they begin to unpack their miniatures for the competition

Zaphod is showing us how to paint with a really big brush. If Dirk Stiller will be amused?

Who has got the bigger flashlight?

The Troll! Of course! :)

Last brush strokes on the Succubus

My finished Succubus

My favourite made by stefanhws. Front ...

...and back

Succubus in the competition

Succubus in the competition

Dirk Stillers Succubus

Succubus in the competition

Succubus in the competition

Crackpots "Drünegar Runekeeper", amazing!

The biggest "miniature" in the competition. A giant Hulk!

Freebooter diorama made by Anja Klucke

Vultures "Elemental Forces"

A nice idea. A diorama build into a box

Ready to Rumble? :)

"The lost prince" by stefanhws

And some more miniatures

The beginning of the presentation ceremony

The first member of Max Paint (Crackpot)...

...and another (Zaphod)...

...and another (Pinselknecht)...

...and another (El-Bicho)...

...and another (even if I am in disguise without my T-Shirt) :). And so it went on and on!

All winners together