Duzi 2006

I hope that you get not too bored to see pictures of the DUZI every year! But for me it is again and again a fantastic weekend. The many acquaintances I met and the wonderful feedback they gave me for my miniatures and this side always spurs me to paint better and better!
Unfortunately, there were not so many miniatures at the competition this year, but many of the competition pieces could leave you speechless.
My troll has taken lots of pictures of which I would like to show you some. Of course I have bought many new miniatures and wonderful glass domes to protect them, too!

Before the exhibition started, Werner had to clean the showcases

While the first ones were looting the buffet...

...Franz started working...

... and I was chatting.

Werner had a little bit time to work, too.

The flea market was very crowded sometimes

Sven Wichert at the booth of Urban Mammoth

Dark Sword had a booth too...

... and I had to buy one of these!!

The Frog prince was also available,

and his guards, too.

A teaser for the Freebooter catalogue

The newcomer - Elke

Eating again

Dirk Stiller finishes his winning miniature

Flat figures

Painting is easy! Or not??

The new limited edition mini for the Spiel 2006 - The monkey

Minis made by Franz Sander

Before the start of the second day

Wonderful weather at the beginning of October!

A new Green

Ill, but in a good temper

How much discount did she allow?? ;)

Tanja is proud about her award

Pictures from the painting competition miniatures: