Duzi 2005

What shall I tell you more about the DUZI? We are like a very big family. You know nearly every face and new ones are (sadly) very rare. Because of the high rate of visitors who are experts in this field it is difficult not to talk the whole day instead of painting! As you can see we had much fun again this year and were fed with many deliciousness.
AND I could meet the new member of the Freebooter-Crew. Nicole! She is around 1.60 meters in height and full of vitality, in addition she is as bold as brass that you do not know what to respond! :) But on the “Spiel” she was perfect as the “Captain’s Daughter”. Many people couldn’t stop smiling or wondering after they saw her.
I hope that next year the trophies of the painting contest will be a little bit smaller, because they are a lot bigger than the minis! This year I won one with the Pirate Queen, got a second place with the Spiderdust and a third place with the Lioness. The funniest thing was the tombola. For each mini that was in the contest and that did not win a first place you received a lot, and with the both minis that hadn’t won a first place I won a graveyard and a historical miniature. ;)

view over the exhibition

The booth

Our booth from another perspective

Nicole "The newbie"



The mood was amazing

Markus Pohlmann

Tanja and her Confrontation Club lads

Another painter

In the beginning the contest was not so well visited

Last minute preparations for the contest

Some people visit me every year!! Isn't that great?

The Fenryll staff

Now its my time for looting

This little lad appeared suddenly on my painting table

We ate healthy things either, but cakes and pizza tastes much better! :)

Matthias and the mouse

Our still life