Duzi 2004

This year's DUZI was very chaotic. A bad cold hit me (because of that I could not finish my commission for Freebooter in time) and than I learned that the two categories Vignette and Diorama were folded up. Such a pity!! But nevertheless I was able to join three categories:
Single Miniature Fantasy - Blackbeard 1. place
Diorama/Vignette - Yorick Ltd. 1. place
Unit Fantasy - The Monstern 3. place
The Yorick Ldt. was even able to snatch the prize “Best of Show”!
There where so many traders and exhibitors that it was very difficult not to loose the survey of the offers. But it is fun to roam through unknown territories such as historic miniatures or plain miniatures. And it is always fun to meet old friends and to find new ones.
The spirits where high at the Freebooter booth (even if everyone was afraid to infect themselves with my cold). Please take a look at the pictures:

This is the "Niederrhein-Halle" in Wesel with the biggest part of the DUZI!

Everything out of the other direction, in the front you can see the Freebbooter booth.

Me and my painting place

Franz Sander, Werner Klocke and me displayed our miniatures.

Christian alias "Capt. Jack Sparrow".

The "Boss"
Werner Klocke

The "Salesbabe"

It was lots of fun.

This was the limited edition mini for the Spiel 2004.

Holger Schmidt the organiser of the "Miniaturansichten".

Here is he at his booth.

The booth of Stronghold Terrain - Mirco

This is one of his niciest buildings.

Dominic Heutelbeck

It was very crowded.

Jens of the Headblaster crew.

A painting companion - Thomas Fucke

My little winner, the Yorick Ldt.

The Jury

The award ceremony