Crisis 2007

The Crisis is always the crowning conclusion of our fair autumn. It is comfortable and not so hectic like the other fairs. In addition, we meet much new faces next to the known ones! :)
This year I have taken part in the chocolate express. When the exhibition starts you can place an order for real Belgian chocolate and later it will be delivered “free booth”! A very nice idea, especially if there is not enough time to go shopping after the fair! Once again I would like to thank the Tin Soldiers for it.
Many clubs put much effort into very beautifully designed games tables which could be admired in the middle of the hall. A highlight was a great Pirates of The Caribbean diorama with "real" pirates as crew.
The competition unfortunately was not visited so well, except for the Fantasy category. Though many very beautiful pieces could be seen. Especially I enjoyed the miniatures of Brenda, a Dutch paintress who paints for just one year, unbelievable!!!
Certainly we will see much more of her on the next competitions!
Unfortunately my Succubus lacked 3 points to the golden trophy but I am also pleased about a silver one. Because of the simple design of the base, my Hoosu Uzo was not taken into account for the competition.
In exchange the presentation ceremony was held in English this time! So we were able to understand the jokes and could rejoice with the other winners!
Due to the many awarded prices the speaker declared the Tin Soldiers jestingly as broke! :)
Some of these prices went to German painters again!! Of some figures we were able to bring beautiful pictures for you, too:

Here the Crisis takes place. The Metropolis

The entrance to our hall


Elke's very nice looking. As always! :)

All people ale listening to the words of Dirk Cordewinus

The captain's hat

Tough guys eat fruit! ;)

Masquerade was there, too.


Pirates of the Caribbean...

...with crew

A few nice gaming tables

A few pictures of the painting competition

Guy Bottledoorns big cat

I am a fan of "Le Corbeau"!

Nice idea

The "Big Squid" by Guido Günther

"Alice in Horrorland" by Guy Bottledoorn

Dragyrie by Brenda

Another miniature of Brenda, she got the price "Best of Show"

The presentation ceremony

With so many prices, we were very happy!