Crisis 2006

This year we didn’t stay overnight in Antwerp, instead we drove back in the evening to save the money for the hotel. Because of this it was a hard, but also a very beautifully day. At 4 o'clock, the alarm clock rang, we should meet with Heinz and Bettina of the Freebooter crew at 6 o'clock to be at 9 o'clock in Antwerp. We had a pleasant journey and arrived on time, too. The booth was in the same place as the last year and my table was already ready, too.
All the "customers" were very nice and the holes they asked into my belly have healed again. It seemed to me, that there where less exhibitors and the contests were less crowded, except for the categories Sci-Fi/fantasy and Youngbloods. Some other acquaintances from Germany were on the Crisis this year for the first time and they took everything with them that they made, for the competition, and won lots of prices. I am curious if the Tin Soldiers will allow us next year to join the competition! So many prices have come back with us that it certainly was an intensely expensive day for the Soldiers.
Have a look at the pictures to get an impression of the good atmosphere:

Here we are again!

My table

What? Again, you beg me to paint a miniature...

... make a new, beautiful miniature first!

There were no breaks for us!

However, there was much to do!

Stephan Niehues at work

Everything on this table was made of paper…

…you do not believe me? But it’s true!

More gaming tables

All entries of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy category

A couple of figures from the competition