Crisis 2005

I was as brimmed over with enthusiasm as the last year! You feel really comfortable as soon as you enter the exhibition. The “Tin Soldiers of Antwerp” are really nice hosts, who remain calm and friendly even if the turbulence is growing, and who recognised me even if I visited them only once before! The tabletop desks of the different clubs where absolutely lovingly arranged and you could even eat parts of one of them!!
The contest was great and a big success for me! The system with the points allowed more than one winner in each category, and so I could win three trophies with three miniatures without a bad conscious! :)
The hotel was as simple as the last year. But it is very near to the Crisis and you can reach Antwerp city in 20 minutes with the bus. I hope that I never need to drive myself in Antwerp city!! This was the reason we catched the bus in the evening to get us something to eat in the city. We were so tired because of the early departure in Germany and the long day full of driving and speaking, that we returned early to our hotel for a last drink after a very tasty meal.
We returned to the city the next day to buy a few things. You may guess what we bought! Beer and chocolate of course!!
Now I have to work hard and paint new miniatures for next year, to be able to join this wonderful contest again!

Someone is very happy!

A volcano

A castle

Every table looked different

a mountainous terrain...

with ship

We visited the Wild West!

Overview over the exhibition

There were big...

...and cute miniatures at the contest

and something very scary...

...and very idyllic

and something very small!!

Another volcano

Asian dragon boats were firing out of every cannon

Werner at work

his tools

it was very crowded! We were not able to make the board stay straight!

The Fast-Food battle, everyone felt ill afterwards

The eatable game

Many details invited everyone to take a closer look