Crisis 2004

The Crisis started at 10:00 am and we tried to be there on time. So we got up at 06:00 am and set off at 08:00 am. Antwerp is only 200 km away from our home which is actually not very far away but unfortunately, in the Netherlands and in Belgium only 120 km/hour are alowed! Thus, I had to put my foot from the accelerator pedal.
Everything was fine till we reached Antwerp, where we lost our way at the last crossways and strayed through an industrial park. Even the petrol stations were closed so we could not ask for the right way. We were lucky that the people in Antwerp are very nice! When we had to stop at a red light, we managed to ask a woman in a car next to us for the right way and she told us the way. The traffic light turned to green, but she continued to explain the way and stayed very calm. Then she followed us to see if we found our destination. So we were just half an hour too late! :)
The “Crisis” took place in a wonderful hall that belonged to a few cinemas and a shopping mall. It was very comfortable because it was paved with carpeting. A very nice member of the “Tin Soldiers of Antwerp” showed us the way through the whole fair to our booth.
Everywhere helping hands could be found, as for example, during the unloading of the traders' cars and if a cable was missing it was brought immediately. I think it is very remarkable that this society organises this event alone! 1,000 visitors visited this fair and the admission fee of 7 € were not too much.
The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. It was a fair for miniature addicted people and table top player. There was no one who thought that we were mad. Everyone asked questions or looked very interested at our minis.
I was very surprised, when I saw the painting competition (which was unfortunately not so highly frequented). There were no barricades between the displayed miniatures and the visitors but nothing disappeared during the competition. Even the trophies were standing unguarded on a table in this room.
There was so much helpfulness and friendliness that I have to say: Thank you all for this wonderful day and I hope to see you all at the next “Crisis”! We have already noted this event in our calendar!
The painting competition was quite different from other ones that I had joined in the past. The painting and the presentation of the mini are of importance. The judges surveyed the miniatures through big magnifiers (oh dear!!). The results are determined through the sum of points. It may happen that 3 pieces will win silver and no one gold. So we have to try again next year. My Yorick Ltd. missed gold by one point but I am quite pleased with my two silver trophies.
After the fair We roamed together through Antwerp, (Bettina, Werner, Matthias and me). In spite of Chinese bear, Stella and Cidre I was able to reach my hotel bed without Matthias' help #hicks#. And the best thing was that on the next morning I was not ill! :)
After a comfortable breakfast with all who slept in Antwerp we made our way home uneventfully with 120 km/h.

Here the Crisis took place

Our Hotel at the other side of the road

This was the hall, our booth lay in the background in the right corner

Another sight where you can see the gaming tables in the middle and the traders outward of the gaming area.

Our corner: Masquerade, Stronghold and Freebooter on the right side und Holger Schmidt with Dirk Stiller on the left

All pirates gathered together

Stronghold Terrain: Mirco at work

My area, fortunately I could borrow a lamp, the light in this hall was not good enough for painting

The rush at the traders and the painters was enormous! :)

The gaming tables were amazing, this is one made with Hirst Arts stones!

The Stargate-Center

The battle of Peking

This was the painting competition

A wonderful bust

Frans Sanders wonderful diorama won silver too

This was my favourite piece

You have to present the mini in an impressive way. Just a good paintjob was not enough.

This were the prizes, very impressive!

Antwerp is the city of diamonds, if you have not known this already it was now apparent because of the big magnifiers.

The award ceremony